Why we love Bengaline!

Our miracle Bengaline fabric has been our “go to” fabric quality over the years and is the cloth that has built our reputation for excellence in pants especially. We refer to it as our Heritage quality. 

What is Bengaline?

It is a versatile, four way stretch fabric with a crosswise rib; consisting of Viscose in combination with Polyamide and Lycra. It feels substantial, yet supple, and is fantastic for creating form fitting, flatteringly cut pants especially. 

It was first produced in India's eastern state, Bengal (hence its name) many decades ago, but it was French merchants importing and marketing it to the rapidly developing fashion industry in the 50s, that gave it popularity. It's now a worldwide produced, recognised, and appreciated fabric quality. 

There are many versions available, but the quality of ours is outstanding in comparison. Our fabric has fabulous stretch and recovery, due to its Lycra content, which you don’t get in the other less premium alternatives produced with a standard elastane fibre. We have been purchasing it from the same Taiwanese mill for more than twenty years, a testimony to their ongoing consistency in quality. 

Why is Bengaline so great?

The standout features of Bengaline are its comfort and durability. The tri-weave blend gives great colour fastness, ease of movement and stretch recovery with the Lycra fibre, and breathability from the natural Viscose.  

Bengaline allows for easy comfort whilst retaining its polished look and feel, ensuring you look as good at the end of the day as you did at the start, with no creases, wrinkles, or saggy bums and knees. Most importantly, you’ve been comfortable all day too! 

It’s sturdy, supple and breathable, which makes it great for year-round wear. They wash and wear like a dream, never needing an iron and have great styling versatility, as you can wear them for wherever your life takes you. Dress up or dress down! 

Our pants in Bengaline will last you years if treated correctly - we often hear our customers say they have been wearing a pair for more than a decade, showing outstanding value per wear. 

The colour palette of Black, Ink Navy, French Navy, Raffia, Bark, and White covers all your essentials and takes you across the seasons. 

Our collections will always offer an array of silhouettes and styles in this fabric, as Bengaline is the easy wear, easy care, wear anywhere fabric that we continue to value as our core business and key signature fabrication. 

How many pairs of Philosophy Australia Bengaline pants would we find in your wardrobe?

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