Couture Production

Philosophy Australia is a small family business, and we are so very proud of our Australian heritage. 

We are also incredibly proud of our Sydney based production. There are very few companies that manufacture locally, and we are delighted to be one of them.

This has proven to be beneficial during the COVID crisis, as we are still able to produce garments and supply locally produced fashion to our customers.

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Not only are our garments produced locally in Sydney, supporting more small family businesses, but our garments are manufactured in the couture method. 

The couture production method means that one person produces one garment. They handle each piece from start to finish, which ensures consistency and attention to detail.  

We say that Philosophy Australia garments are made with love. Having one person responsible for the entire garment guarantees a great deal of pride and love goes into each piece that we create.

We have long standing relationships with the small family businesses who produce our garments, and we consider them to be part of our extended team.

Our collections offer beautiful timeless pieces and we champion quality, versatility and a mindful approach. Our styles are designed with trend relevancy, yet are eternally chic.

We are renowned by our customers and our boutique clients for our impeccable fit and quality cloth choice, which translates to confidence in choosing to add Philosophy Australia pieces to their wardrobes.

Every piece is designed according to our style Philosophy - easy wear, easy care, wear anywhere!


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