Silvermaple - Melbourne, VIC


Owner - Leasa Cahill

  • 216 High Street, Ashburton 3147
  • 2/50 Church Street, Brighton 3186
  • Shop 2, 616 Burke Road, Camberwell 3124
Tell us about your store

    Firstly, at Silvermaple Boutique we love what we do and when hiring we look for likeminded people that know what boutique retail is all about, or people with the right personality to deliver the level of service we love to provide.  We love to offer clothing that you can dress up or down and wear different ways to get the most of your items. 

    What is your customer profile?

    Our stores try to offer a range of clothing suitable for mother and daughter, so our ranges try to cover mid 30’s to 70’s.  

    What sets your boutique apart?

    A treasure trove of brands that our team use to help create looks / wardrobes for our customers to meet their lifestyle.  The clothing style represents pieces that can become wardrobe staples along with fashion highlights.  Knowledgeable staff that enjoy what they do and take pride in servicing their clientele.

    What is your best style tip?

    Never shop by size alone.  Sizing across brands can be inconsistent, (but not Philosophy’s), find the best fit on you, and wear that one your own way!

    What makes your day?

    Client feedback.  We try to add the little extras that set us apart and we love it when a customer acknowledges that and gives us positive feedback on our service.  

     How do you sprinkle kindness?

    We try to make a customer’s day as part of our mantra and are constantly doing different things to make sure shopping with us is a positive experience.  

    Apart from your bricks and mortar store, how else do you market your goods?

    We have a thriving online store and work hard to make the customer experience online as good as we can without having the benefit of having them in store.  Detailed descriptions, everchanging website upgrades, a dedicated phone number for customer queries and a good return policy to try to make buying online a positive experience.  

    What are your thoughts about Philosophy Australia?

    Philosophy Australia is an engaging, evolving, positive thinking brand for all ages and Australian made! 

    You're spoilt for choice with Silvermaple Boutique, as you'll find them in three key Melbourne areas! Brighton is the home of the famous Brighton beach bathing boxes. Ashburton is family friendly with lots of parks. Camberwell is packed full of heritage houses and cafes. And all three have Silvermaple style and service for you!

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