Just Me Patsy - Kilmore VIC

Just Me Patsy

Owner - Patsy Smullen and my daughter Ashlee Winter

27 Sydney Street, Kilmore Victoria 3674

Tell us about your store

Just Me Patsy is full of wonderment, quality and eclectic tastes. A common comment after the "wow" and "wow, this is amazing", is "beautiful" and "mind blowing in the best way".

Who is your customer

Our customer profile is as diverse as our range; we get customers from all over the world. It’s always a wonderful experience chatting to many cultures and showcasing the diversity that we offer.

What sets your boutique apart?

I think what sets us apart is our diverse range. We stock many different products, styles and quality products that is rarely found all in one place.

What is your best style tip?

I have several. Firstly, the number on the tag isn’t the most important factor. Secondly, the way you feel, and the comfort is more important. How something makes you feel, and the confidence that a great ensemble can give you.

Thirdly, a scarf is best draped on and left and this is often the same with hats; just set and forget.

Fourthly, buy good shoes and good clothing and they will pay you back in more ways than one.

What makes your day?

What makes my day is when a customer goes into our Transformation Beautification Chambers and comes out feeling confident and happy and obviously looking amazing. That just makes my day, plus knowing that we have helped them see their true beauty.

How do you sprinkle kindness?

We sprinkle kindness in many ways. We support lots of local organisations and recently had a gala evening in store where we invited a few other businesses to collaborate, Plus, we raised some funds for a local charity, which was enjoyed and appreciated greatly by everyone involved.

Apart from your bricks and mortar store, how else do you market your goods?

We have a website that was created and is maintained by a beautiful lady who also runs her own small business. It’s just another way to reach our customers and we offer our goods worldwide. So far we have sent product to the Philippines, Japan, New York and a few other states of America. It’s always exciting packaging orders and getting great feedback from our customers. We have Facebook, Instagram and Tik Tok as well.

What’s the best thing to do in your location, other than shop at your store?

Dating back to 1837, Kilmore is believed to be the oldest inland settlement in Victoria, so its situation is very accessible to many areas. We are only 60 kilometres from Melbourne. Many places to visit and a great gateway to many more explorations.

What are your thoughts about Philosophy?

We are relatively new to the Philosophy Family but the support and knowledge, plus the quality and range of the garments offered is wonderful. Plus it’s Australian made, owned, manufactured and designed, so it’s a total win win.

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