Belle M Boutique - Murwillumbah NSW

Belle M Boutique  

Owner - Mel

Team - Carmel, Fab, Lib, Jen 

114 Main Street, Murwillumbah NSW 2484 

Tell us about your store

Belle M has a lots to offer, from everyday wear to evening wear, footwear and accessories. We also provide an extensive range of underwear. 

Who is your customer profile?  

Our range offers something for everyone, covering all sizes and figure shapes. 

What sets your boutique apart?   

We are invested in our customer relationships. We’re not just about making a sale. We enjoy being involved in our ladies’ requirements and give them the attention to good old fashioned service. 

What is your best style tip?  

There are no rules with styling. We encourage trying something you wouldn’t normally wear as often it’s a pleasant surprise to find a new style to suit.  

What makes your day?  

Hearing our customers feedback about what a unique and vast range we have and how they enjoyed the experience of our happy environment. 

How do you sprinkle kindness?  

Investing our time into each of our customers regardless of whether they are buying or dropping by for a chat, lots of chatting in our store ... lol 

Apart from your bricks and mortar store, how else do you market your goods?  

Facebook, Instagram, local magazines and newspaper. 

What’s the best thing to do in your location, other than shop at your store?  

We have an amazing art gallery which features the Margaret Ollie exhibition. We have distilleries, cheese factories, many beautiful cafes.  

Is there a local business you’d like to recommend, preferably a female led one, which aligns with our campaign?  

Hortons Fashion

What are your thoughts about Philosophy?  

Philosophy is one of our favourites in our store. It provides us with the most wonderful pant range for working ladies. It’s our range for dressier occasions and the fabrics are the most appealing for travel, easy care and longevity. 

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