Shop Local with Willoughby Council

We have been promoting our fabulous boutique stockists around the country with our Shop Small, Support Local and Buy Australian Made campaign since January 2024.

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Our owner and designer Ali Lennard was recently invited to be involved in a campaign also focusing on promoting Shop Local, run by Willoughby Council.

On Friday night, along with several other small local businesses across different industries, she will be talking about how connecting, collaborating and celebrating with other individuals and businesses helps to foster community and ripples success to all.

Equation bengaline blazer in Signature. Designed and made in Australia by Philosophy Australia

We will fill you in with more after the event, but you can watch the video about Philosophy that was created as part of the campaign. 

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Ali is proudly #wearingphilosophytoday in our logo Signature Equation Blazer and Ticket pant. We’d like to offer you a discounted price on these pieces so that you can too!

Signature print Equation Blazer $279 now $199 and Ticket Pant $139 now $99


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