Meet the team - Model Kelly Zacharias

As part of our Shop Small, Support Local, Buy Australian campaign, we are introducing you to members of our team. Many of whom are also small Australian businesses, from our models and photographer, to our fabric cutter and sample makers, and more.

Introducing our in house fit model and all-around lovely lady, Kelly Zacharias. Kelly modeled for our spring summer 2017 lookbook, and for every single shoot since!


What’s important to you regarding your clothing purchases?

The quality! I keep pieces I love for years and years. And beautiful fabrics

What would be your best style tip?

Make it your own - layer tops under dresses, tie a t-shirt in a knot at the waist, tuck it in, roll the sleeves. I often cut off the bottoms of my jeans to the perfect length and let them fray.

At Philosophy Australia, we love to sprinkle kindness. What’s your favourite way to do so too?

I try to treat everyone with kindness every day; I want people to feel seen and heard.

From all the shoots over the years of representing our label, do you have a particular memory you’d like to share?

There's been so many - I think I just love the feeling of returning to a family, who know each other and catch up and laugh (mostly at my bad dancing) :)

PS - We love Kelly's dancing!

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