Introducing our new branding for Philosophy Australia

We are proud to introduce our new branding, which we are launching just in time for our Winter collection. A refreshed approach with a contemporary feel, our new logo was designed by the award-winning team at Boxer & Co.

Boxer & Co is one of Sydney's leading brand design agencies. They breathe personality into brands using graphics, photography, illustrations, typography and colour.

The agency is part-owned by Gwen Blake, an old friend of Ali's from their time in the UK.  Gwen is a huge fan of Philosophy Australia clothes, so it was only natural that she should be responsible for our brand redesign. 

Philosophy Australia logo made in Australia timeless women's fashion

Here's what Gwen has to say about our new brand look:

"The new Philosophy Australia logo needed to evoke modern simplicity, just like the clothes it represents. We combined this with friendly and accessible typography to make the brand feel as warm and approachable as Ali and her team. An evolution of the Greek symbol for "philosophy" has been used to create an ownable icon, which works both on its own and as part of the wordmark. Overall, a fresh and timeless new look for an ever-evolving Australian company."

Gwen Blake, Managing Director, Boxer & Co

Philosophy Australia logo made in Australia timeless women's fashion

We love that the new logo highlights our heritage and shows that Australia isn't just where we manufacture, it is half of our name too!



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