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Last night, the team and I (dressed in Philosophy sparkles) went to the Business NSW Gala Dinner at Sydney Town Hall. Feeling like winners already after being announced as a finalist in EXCELLENCE IN SMALL BUSINESS SYDNEY (the category with the highest number of businesses recognised), we just wanted to enjoy the evening of celebration and of that achievement of being a finalist.

But, as our name was called as the Winner, our table erupted in whoops and yells and personally I physically jumped out of my seat. This was a very unexpected win, and to say we are all so delighted and surprised is an understatement.

We’d like to thank the BUSINESS NSW team and judges for their recognition of our independent fashion label. Shining a spotlight on Made in Australia womenswear has always been a core value of ours. To know that it is appreciated at such a level has us feeling extremely proud.

I always refer to Philosophy as a family rather than a business, having decades of shared experiences, growing, adapting and forever striving for excellence in design, service, product and quality; we really do rely on each other and work collaboratively. I’d like to express my deepest love for the in-house team, they may be small in numbers, but not in heart.

The extended family, including our manufacturing partners and brand representatives, are also key to our reputation, and are so valued in what they bring to the brand too.

Our boutique stockists across the country, many of whom have been loyal since our beginnings, have helped us build up a great community of women #wearingphilosophytoday and have been instrumental in our messaging of Australian Made fashion is the best. We love to be represented in stores that value service, uniqueness and the personal touch as much as we do.

Thank you to you too, you are seeing this message as you have supported us in some way and sprinkled your kindness to us by following along our journey. We do appreciate it! X

By winning this category, we have now become a finalist in the statewide awards, so will be crossing all our fingers and toes for recognition on a wider scale at the ICC event in October, but as before, we are just extremely proud and grateful that we have been given a chance to shine.

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  • Brenda Satill


  • Lyn Baket

    You girls rock! Sooooo deserved – can’t wait for the Spring/Summer collection .

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