Australian made ... and every other step in the process, by us!

Australia - it’s half of our name but 100% of our heart and brand.

Some brands may say, ‘Designed in Australia’ some say ‘Australian owned’ but these and other ambiguous versions allude to being local without being entirely so.

There’s even a loophole of saying Made in Australia, by just finishing a product here. But that’s not us ...

We design, pattern, cut, make, trim and dispatch from our Sydney HQ.

As a manufacturer, wholesaler, and retailer; we produce EVERY single piece of the thousands of garments we offer each season right here in Sydney, from scratch, but always with love, and have done so for more than two decades.

We also only purchase components and fabrics from small local Australian based businesses and support many more through our contractors and boutique customers.

What visual says Australia to the rest of the world? The iconic Sydney Harbour!

A perfect backdrop to launching our new Autumn Winter 2024 collection with friend of the brand, and part of the family, Brooke Falvey.

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