Mango's Fashion - Mount Gambier, South Australia

Our owner and designer @ali_lennard just loves to sprinkle kindness! This concept was born out of the 2019/2020 bushfires and floods, as a way to support our boutique stockists. It evolved into the Sprinkling Kindness collab collection with Ali’s style muses.

It has grown now into our #shopsmallsupportlocalbuyAustralianmade campaign. We will be showcasing one of our boutique stockists for you every week.

Please meet Mango's Fashion Boutique in Mount Gambier, South Australia


Owner - Kelly

Team - Abby, Jess, Jane, Moira, Halle.

48 Commercial Street East, Mount Gambier, South Australia

Tell us about your boutique

We are a well-established store in our local area with close to thirty years of trading history. We are known as a store for formal and event wear, but also carry lots of everyday, casual and workwear styles with a wide range of price points and sizes. We have recently expanded our boutique to include a bridal suite upstairs and accompanying website which has been welcomed by our customers, as there had not been a bridal store locally for years!

What is your customer profile?

Being in a small town, we have a broad customer range, but primarily women 20+ who want versatile dress up/dress down options. We want to provide our customers with pieces that can fit seamlessly into their everyday routines as well as those special outfits that make them feel amazing!

We are truly a ''one stop shop'' with everything from casual basics right up to formal gowns, so you can get everything you need at Mango's.

What sets your boutique apart?

We understand that as retail assistants, we are here to help our customers with whatever they may need. Sometimes it's an outfit for an exciting event like a wedding or sometimes they are trying to find clothes that they feel good in after their bodies have changed.

Over the years we have dressed customers from their high school graduation right up to when they are rediscovering their style post-kids. Our team are always here to offer advice, help and a supportive listening ear!

What is your best style tip?

Wear whatever makes you feel good - confidence is the best accessory.

What makes your day?

Having customers come back to shop with us again and again and getting a delivery of fresh new styles to unpack!

How do you sprinkle kindness?

Making sure all our customers feel amazing and supported when they shop with us.

Apart from your bricks and mortar store, how else do you market your goods?

All our stock is listed on our online store and we are also active on our Instagram and Facebook accounts, showing all our new styles and the fun behind the scenes.

What’s the best thing to do in your location, other than shop at your store?

We are located on the busy main street with many beautiful cafes and other boutiques, so you can have a great day out shopping! Mount Gambier is also home to the blue lake, which is a must see if you are visiting the area.

Is there a local business you’d like to recommend, preferably a female led one, which aligns with our campaign?

We serve sparkling wines from Cuvee Co in our bridal suite and enjoy it for a cheeky knock-off drink on a Friday! 

Why do you stock Philosophy Australia?

We love stocking Philosophy as their styles are timeless and able to be dressed up or down easily. Being designed and made in Australia, the fit and quality is amazing! We always recommend Philosophy to our customers looking for those pieces that they will pull out and wear again and again.

Mango's Fashion offers everything from casual basics to wedding gowns, in their new bridal studio. Definitely worth a visit next time you're within striking distance of Mount Gambier, South Australia!




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