Chatters on Cowes - Cowes, Victoria

Our owner and designer @ali_lennard just loves to sprinkle kindness! This concept was born out of the 2019/2020 bushfires and floods, as a way to support our boutique stockists. It evolved into the Sprinkling Kindness collab collection with Ali’s style muses.

It has grown now into our #shopsmallsupportlocalbuyaustralianmade campaign. We will be showcasing one of our boutique stockists for you every week.

Please meet Chatters on Cowes, in Cowes, Victoria 

Chatters On Cowes

Owner - Jane Wiesner

1 / 82 Thompson Avenue, Cowes Vic 3922

Tell us about your store

Chatters on Cowe has been a vibrant and colourful part of Phillip Island’s shopping community for nearly 20 years. We have a welcoming and inviting atmosphere. We pride ourselves on excellent service and outstanding quality. Our aim is to help our customers to feel comfortable and at home during their shopping experience.

What is your customer profile?

We look after our locals and visitors, including cruise ship ladies, and by providing great customer service and brands that are elegant and well-priced, we have something for everyone. 

What sets your boutique apart?

At Chatters we are customer and community focused. In 2023 we hosted three fundraisers for Inner Wheel, VIEW Club and World Vision. We’ve been doing this for years and will continue to do so.

What is your best style tip?

Body shape is an important factor. I see a lot of ladies come in the shop hiding under their clothing. Be careful not to select styles that make you look bigger than you are. My best tip is to dress to look and feel good, but then don’t think about how you look. Just have fun and don’t worry about what other people think—dress for you!

What makes your day?

Chatting to my lovely customers makes my day when I’m in the shop. Sitting in the sun, with a hat of course, and playing with my dog rates highly when I’m home.

How do you sprinkle kindness?

My way of sprinkling kindness is usually with a cuppa, a smile, and a chat. Many of my customers live alone and I always say pop in any time. We all need a friendly face we can rely on, and I like to be that person.

Apart from your bricks and mortar store, how else do you market your goods?

We have a website and utilise Facebook and Instagram. My new year’s resolution is to make time to learn more about social media and be more active on all the platforms.

What’s the best thing to do in your location, other than shop at your store?

Phillip Island is a natural paradise. Visitors here can enjoy our wonderful animal life, beautiful vegetation, great tours, and lots of nice restaurants. It’s also a bird watcher's dream.

Is there a local business you’d like to recommend, preferably a female led one, which aligns with our campaign?

Island Shoes also in Cowes, at 134 Phillip Island Road.

Why do you stock Philosophy Australia?

My customers love Philosophy’s comfort, style, and pizzazz. My personal wardrobe is full of Philosophy clothing, as it’s my favourite brand. Philosophy is always elegant and versatile. The colours and styles are always on point and it’s great for travel. Well done, Team Philosophy!

Heading to Melbourne? Take a trip down to Phillip Island, enjoy the Penguin Parade, the gorgeous scenery, and stop in Cowes to visit Jane and the Chatters on Cowes team for a fab new outfit, with some great advice!

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