Why we don't participate in Black Friday

At Philosophy Australia, we have made the decision not to participate in Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

First and foremost, we stand behind the products we create and do not wish to devalue them by jumping on board with a mass marketing concept.

We know we offer fantastic value for our purely local, couture made, slow fashion items - and we always will.

  • We do not produce any style in high volumes; therefore, we do not have bulk product we need to on sell at discount.
  • We do not price our products to account for constant markdowns and discount marketing, like the big retailers.
  • As a small self-funded business, we could not afford to offer product at the extreme discounts as offered and would therefore be lost in the noise.
  • As a wholesaler, we also wish to support our boutique customers, who are also in the position of not being able to offer and compete in this weekend (which seems to have stretched to a month!) by adding pressure to them to match our deals.

As consumers, use the opportunity to stock up on white goods, commodities and necessities but when it comes to your wardrobe, we hope you’ll be buying items that will bring you joy, value and the goodwill factor of knowing you are supporting a local business.

We always offer an outlet section within our online store and here you will find fabulous items at great pricing. As our designs are timeless and versatile, our outlet items are even better value! Hint - adding an outlet item to your full price item can help you obtain free shipping!


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