Sprinkling Kindness collab - Katherine @stylestaples

Meet Katherine @stylestaples, Ali's style muse for our latest Sprinkling Kindness collaboration. Click here to read all about it.

Name / Age / Location / Profession

Katherine Roberts / 48 / Melbourne / Personal Stylist

How would you describe yourself?

Gosh, this is a question I’m not used to answering … as a personal stylist it’s always about my clients, not me! Like many women, I wear a lot of different hats … wife, mother, aunt, sister, friend and business owner but although my hats may change my positive attitude and down to earth nature remain the same. 

How would you describe your style?

Modern elegance that’s comfortable.

What styles are you drawn to?

Dresses! I’m always looking for different silhouettes … and the perfect print too.

Favourite colour?

True red, it makes me happy … I always feel good when I wear it, and have pops of red décor throughout my home.

Favourite print?

I adore a good print. They are a great way to inject colour into your wardrobe or try a colour you wouldn’t normally wear. I don’t wear pink but I love it paired in a print with a masculine colour, think military green.

Do you feel your lifestyle defines your style, or the other way around?

I wear what makes me feel good; but my shoe choice is definitely dependent on daily activities; and I am thankful that white kicks can now be paired back with everything!

How has your style evolved?

I have become more confident in owning my style and dressing for me. I am always encouraging women to be themselves, enhanced!

Whose style do you admire?

With the rise of social media, it’s constantly changing … but I’m always drawn to Jenna Lyons, Victoria Beckham & Olivia Palermo’s style. I do admire Coco Chanel for the numerous ways she changed women’s fashion, think wearing trousers, knit fabrics and stripes.

What brands or stores do you favour?

I don’t shop by brand or store, I look in every store, every season to find the best product. I favour fabric, garment construction and silhouette before label.  

What season do you prefer dressing for? 

I love cool weather dressing when I can live in layers, beautiful natural fibres and textures. And I do enjoy the Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival – can’t go past a fancy frock and fascinator!!

What are your deciding factors when considering a purchase?

Cost per wear. I only add to my wardrobe if I absolutely LOVE it, I don’t have anything similar and I can wear it the majority of the year. I’m moving towards the new panseasonal or seasonless wardrobe concept that has been evolving the past few years … the traditional wardrobe changeover may have had its day. 

What garment have you always struggled to style, or veered away from?

I don’t wear tight pencil skirts; I’m always wearing clothes that disguises my wider thighs! 

What is your favourite style tip?

Most women look in the mirror, focus on specific body parts and in our minds misrepresent what we see by up to 30%. So, my favourite style tip - to start focusing on your body as a whole, which is actually how the world sees you. Try being kinder to your body; accept and appreciate everything it does for you … it breathes, laughs, etc.

What piece would you like Philosophy to create for you as your signature style? 

A dress please! A long sleeve shirt dress that can be worn all year round… think rolled sleeves and loose in summer, long and layered in winter.

What charity would you like to donate proceeds to, and why is that cause close to your heart?

The Yellow Ladybugs. My daughter is on the spectrum; which our family keeps private, as she worries about the stigma other children attach to autism. I love the work the Yellow Ladybugs does educating the community about autistic girls. I hope one day autism is not considered a disability but instead is normalised and celebrated.

We love a quote, what’s your style philosophy?

If you don’t LOVE it, then don’t buy it!

Where can we find you on your socials?

Instagram @stylestaples

Pinterest StyleStaples

Facebook @stylestaples or @yourvirtualstylist 

Website www.stylestaples.com.au

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