Sprinkling Kindness Project - an ongoing collaboration

The Sprinkling Kindness Project that began as a way of creating some good, in the unsettling times of 2020 and beyond, has been a quiet but heart-warming project I’ve kept working on in the background. It is a personal highlight too.

To date we have launched a Tee with Kirsten from Bettyquette, a Wrap linen blouse with Bev from Iris May Style, a stripe tee with Brooke Falvey, a kaftan with Suzie Richetti, a sequin jacket with Sally Steele and a desking gown with Gwen Blake.

As these styles were only produced in limited numbers, they were also an investment towards exclusivity in your own wardrobe and available purely online.

With donations against each piece sold to the muses’ charities of choice, they were also a great way for Philosophy Australia to sprinkle some kindness.

It’s been a while since launching a new style, but this beautiful new dress was offered as part of our indent collection to our Boutique customers earlier this year so that they could also be involved in our promotion this time.

We will be launching another Sprinkling Kindness Project collaboration next month, and have more planned in the new year too.


Introducing BELINDA

(Or Bel, as I know her)

I got to know Bel through the Styling You #everydaystyle community many years ago. We hit it off instantly; she has a warm generous heart that translates easily into her posts, and I knew that we had to be friends!  Although Bel and I have both moved on from posting our outfits daily these days, I still love to see that she’s kept her trademark style of colour, clean lines and touches of interest and fun.

Bel is based in Melbourne, but whenever I get to travel there, a dinner and giggle date is always on the agenda. Here we are in late August, along with Anica from the team and Emily Hawker, who you may also recognise from our Bengaline promotion.

With a $20 donation to the Dementia Australia Research Foundation with each dress purchased, this piece will ensure you feel as good about your purchase as you will look wearing it. Let’s sprinkle that style kindness!

Here's a sneak peek!


Belinda's style interview

Name / Age / Location / Profession

Belinda Turner 54 Prahran Melbourne

I am a SAHM and carer for my father. I am also a sports mum, uber mum, cook, cleaner and administration clerk! I was a marketing executive in a top Advertising Agency before all of this, so I do a bit of work from home now and then on some small clients.

This is how I got into social media, a way of keeping my marketing skills up to date and have a creative project. I got into posting my outfits as I was inspired by the #everydaystyle ladies. They gave me so much inspiration and I thought I would share my journey with this lovely welcoming tribe.

How would you describe yourself?

Casual, friendly, down to earth, I love being active and spending time with my family.

How would you describe your style?

Colourful, fun, comfy, casual, with a bit of edgy elegance thrown in when I get out and about.

What styles are you drawn to?

Structured garments to give me shape; pants with a tapered leg, a blazer made from ponte fabric to keep me comfy but give my mum style polish and a shapeless dress as I am short waisted but love to throw on and go!

Favourite colour?

That’s like choosing a favourite child - all greens and blues.

Favourite print?

I will always love animal print, but spots and stripes are just as popular in my wardrobe!

Do you feel your lifestyle defines your style, or the other way around?

At the moment I do feel like my lifestyle defines my style, I am doing lots of mum stuff, so I need to be comfy and practical. But I don’t want to be boring either! I sometimes miss having a corporate wardrobe too, but then I get into my comfy clothes, and I soon get over it.

How has your style evolved?

It’s hard to believe but I was a Melbourne black gal. My style has evolved into a colourful and more fun wardrobe. I also had given up on dresses; however, I love them now. I was in a rut when I first had my children. However I now feel comfy and stylish in my everyday style.

Whose style do you admire?

Gosh, so many lovely gals on Instagram, I prefer this place for inspiration as I see things on all shapes and sizes. I am likely to find something I can buy here in Australia too. If I was to choose a famous person, I have always admired the simplicity and elegance of Kate Middleton, she does some lovely colour combinations too. But I just look to my everyday style tribe for inspiration.

What brands or stores do you favour?

I always seem to find something at Country Road, Trenery, Witchery, Saba and Veronica Maine

What season do you prefer dressing for?

Definitely spring, warm days and cooler nights. Can layer up and get away with dresses that have sleeves (show off the legs and cover the arms).

What are your deciding factors when considering a purchase?

Definitely the cut, it needs to fit well or I will have it altered. I would prefer to pay for a quality fabric that is easy to look after (as busy mum life). I always like a good return policy as I always like to make sure the item works in my existing wardrobe. I like classic pieces that don’t date if I invest in quality.

What garment have you always struggled to style, or veered away from?

I have struggled with dresses as mentioned I am short waisted and long legged. I now know what to look for.

What is your favourite style tip?

Comfy doesn’t mean to mean boring. If in doubt add a colour or print, in your pants, top or shoes. Easy to elevate a simple outfit.

What piece would you like Philosophy to create for you as your signature style?

A cute shapeless dress with a statement sleeve in a polka dot (black dots on white or emerald green fabric with white dots). A fun colourful, print dress would be my ultimate favourite piece!

What Charity would you like to donate proceeds to, and why?

I would love to contribute to Dementia Australia Research Foundation. As my father has Alzheimer’s, I know the impact dementia has on a family. The amount of people suffering is increasing all the time and it takes a huge toll on the family. This cause would be my first choice, as I would love to see a cure for this horrible disease.

We love a quote, what’s your style philosophy?

Don’t let real life get in the way of expressing yourself with fashion, have fun with things like colour and print. Comfort doesn’t have to compromise style.

Where can we find you on your socials?



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