Meet the team - Model Alana Matthews

As part of our Shop Small, Support Local, Buy Australian campaign, we are introducing you to members of our team. Many of whom are also small Australian businesses, from our models and photographer, to our fabric cutter and sample makers, and more.

Meet Alana Matthews

Alana has been modelling for us for a few seasons, and wears our size 14

Tell us five words that you'd use to describe yourself

Thoughtful, Fun, Creative, Savvy and Observant

How would you describe Philosophy Australia’s style?

Comfy and classic pieces that will support your style through all its stages. 

How would you describe your personal style?

Contemporary, adaptable, ever evolving. I don’t want to limit myself to one style. My favourite way to dress is for the occasion. I love planning outfits for the vibe of the location I’m visiting.

What’s important to you with regard to your clothing purchases?

I think it’s important to dress in what suits you, not everything that’s on the racks suits everybody. It might be super trendy but looking stylish is about wearing it well, not just wearing what’s hot at that time.

What is your best style tip?

I love a little tuck. With a big bust and a smaller waist, sometimes my waist is hidden under tops. It can make me appear bigger than I am. So, I do a little tuck of the top into my pants/skirt. It’s also a great little trick when wearing pants, it can help elongate the legs. Just play around in front of the mirror and see what works for you.

At Philosophy, we love to sprinkle kindness; what’s your favourite way to do so too?

I think the simplest way you can spread kindness is to smile at a stranger you cross paths with. You never know what someone’s going through, and a smile may be just what they need to smile back.

From all of the shoots over the years of representing our label, do you have a particular memory you’d like to share?

The memory isn’t of a particular shoot, but of all the shoots I’ve done, my favourite part is trying on all the outfits. Philosophy obviously prides themselves in the fit of their clothes. Every time I try on, I feel confident and great about the way the product looks and fits. There is nothing better than taking photos in clothes that you feel good in!

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