Embrace 2023

Our team are all back on deck now, and so ready for all that a new year brings!

2022 was a big one for us, and we’d like to thank everyone who has supported us during the year.

Being a small family business who has strived to thrive, maintained our 100% local production and hurdled over every obstacle caused by the pandemic, it’s now feeling like a time to EMBRACE the future; and it’s only with support by our wonderful boutique community, your online purchases, reviews, love and loyalty that we have a bright future to look forward to.

So, thank you, which we can never say enough.

Each year, since owning the label, I have set myself a business word of the year.

2022 was BUILD which was to keep me focused on moving in the right direction, ‘build’ on the successes achieved to date, ‘build’ a new home for the team and ‘build’ the brand community through our beautiful boutiques and socials.

2021 was FOCUS as we took a deep dive into our "who" and "why"

2020 was KINDNESS - nspiring the Sprinkling Kindness collaborations

I’m happy to say we achieved the goals, both big and small, that we set for ourselves, and our team enjoyed the ride along the way (mostly on skates) too!

Some highlights of the year include:

  • The rebrand - launching our new contemporary logo with the AW22 collection.
  • The relocation - leaving our friends at Martin & Savage to move to our new HQ in Willoughby. We LOVE our new space so much, but miss the M&S team
  • The rethink - changing our ways of presenting the collections both digitally and in person and bringing new faces to the team. Hello Georgie, Kym and Alana!
  • The celebration - the sparkliest of parties to celebrate our third anniversary in October. Eat, drink, dance was the concept of the night, and we certainly did!
  • The collaboration- the Sprinkling Kindness collection, continues to be a personal highlight and this year we have launched pieces with Belinda Turner and Bev Williams Krause.

So what does 2023 bring?

Lots more Sprinkling Kindness collaborations, as always two seasonal collections and an emphasis of EMBRACE, as my word for 2023.

Embracing our customers, community, changes and our brand heritage.

We can actually even embrace in person again at our next boutique customer showings!

Wishing you a 2023 full of all the good things!

What’s your word? I’d love to know.

Ali and team xxx

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